Bruce Power teams up with SVCA to remove dam near Paisley

lockerby dam with group

Cherie-Lee Fletsch (L), Bruce Power environmental Scientist, environment programs; and Francis Chua, manager, environment and sustainability; present a cheque for $45,000 to SVCA general manager Wayne Brohman and Jo-Anne Harbinson, manager of water resources and stewardship services, for the removal of the Lockerby Dam near Paisley; photos courtesy of Saugeen Conservation and Bruce Power

By Liz Dadson

Bruce Power is teaming up with the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) to restore fish habitat in the North Saugeen River.

The SVCA’s Lockerby Dam Decommissioning initiative will see the dam structure removed and the area, including the pond, rehabilitated to its natural state. This will allow the passage of migrating salmon and other fish species, increase fish habitat, help maintain cooler water temperatures and provide a natural buffer along this important waterway.

“We’re very excited about this project and all the natural benefits it can provide,” said Luke Charbonneau, chairman of Saugeen Conservation. “We are extremely grateful to Bruce Power for its interest and commitment, and look forward to working together to make this project a reality.”

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